MR (Marina and Rainer), 1989. Chamber opera in one act.
Libretto by Julii Lurie (in Russian, German, French, Ancient Greek and Japanese).

Soprano, coloratura soprano, contralto, tenor, baritone, bass, 3 pantomimes and ensemble.
1(=picc., basso, flauto dolce soprano)·1·2(I=picc., sax.alto; II=basso)·1(=c.-fag.), 2·1·1·0, perc. 2, arpa, celesta (=cembalo), piano I preparato (=piano II ord.), chitarra elettrica (=chitarra bassa), 1·1·1·1·1.
Premiere: May 20,1994. Munich, Germany, Muffathalle. Munich Biennial Singers. Ulm Orchestra. S. Bachli, conductor.
Commissioned by: Munich Biennial, Germany
Duration: 90 minutes.
Manuscript: 257 pages.


Merry Music for Very Nice People, 2000. For violin, cello, clarinet, piano and percussion.
Premiere: April 1, 2001. Vancouver, Canada, Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Standing Wave.
Commissioned by the Standing Wave (Vancouver, Canada) through The British Columbia Arts Council.
Duration 12 minutes.
Manuscript, no score, 39 pages of parts + 8 p. of text.

“…si muove!”, 1993. Play for an instrumental ensemble, actors and dancers.
Picc.·0·0·Cl. picc.·0·0, 1·2·1·1, perc 3, harp, pianos 2 (man, child), organ, guitar bass, soprano, tenor-rock-singer, bass, bagpipe, grind-organ, violin solo, violoncello solo, strings (4·4·3·3·2), conductors 2 (or 1), actors 5 (incl. 1 female, 1 singer with guitar), ballet couple, Russian-folk-dancing couple, tape.
Duration 56 minutes.
Manuscript, 180 pages.

Yes!!, 1982. Ritual for 3 singers, chamber ensemble and tape.
Premiere: December 17,1984. Moscow, Russia, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, I. Barteneva (soprano), A. Pruzhansky (tenor), V. Larin (tenor), The Bolshoi Orchestra Soloists Ensemble. A. Lazarev, conductor.
Commissioned by the Bolshoi Orchestra Soloists Ensemble, Moscow, Russia
Sopr., 2 ten., 0·· 1(=fl.dolce)·1(=fl.dolce), 1(=fl.dolce)·1·1·0, perc. 2, chit.bassa, org., tape.
Duration 42 minutes.
Manuscript, 66 pages.

The Dance in Metal in Honour of John Cage, 1986. For 1 percussion player.
Premiere: 20.09.2012. “JOHN CAGE. MUSICIRCUS” Festival. Moscow, Russia, Rakhmaninov Hall, Moscow Conservatory. V. Urbanovicn.
Duration 14 minutes.
Manuscript, pages.